Cherie Moore

  • commented on Disease Facts 2018-07-26 12:38:16 -0600
    This information is informative, but darn if I totally understand it. It would help, from time to time, if less technical terms were used and more “everyday” words were used. It shows a lot of time, effort and preparation were put into these videos. Fantastic info., but I need to watch several times to get it.
  • commented on My Story 2018-07-16 15:29:38 -0600
    My grandmother, mother and brother had this disease and died. I literally ran to a doctor to test my blood 4yrs. ago after the death of my younger brother and was told I do not carry the gene for this disease. Recently had hernia repair surgery and got an unusual bill from pathology. Called about the bill and found out surgeon had biopsies done on my liver, knew I had this disease and never said a word to me or my husband. If I had not called about the bill, I never would’ve known. Now, I start down the road of this journey to save my life. Your information helped me extremely well and I can’t thank you enough.