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    Donate Here to the Fatty Liver Foundation
    Our goal is to help you with fatty liver and problems that come from it

    Our mission is to save the lives of people who have no symptoms but are unknowingly destroying their livers and those who are already diagnosed. We aim to provide them with information that can help them change their lifestyle and maintain as much health as possible. It is the purpose of the Fatty Liver Foundation to address, educate, coordinate, and support victims of the growing epidemic of fatty liver disease and its consequences.

    We are a qualified non-profit by the IRS for non-taxable charitable status under 501(c)(3) of the federal code.  Any contributions you make to the foundation are tax deductible.

    If you or a loved one is concerned about liver disease, diabetes, obesity, diet or other liver related subjects please consider becoming a member. Membership is free, but we need your support and hope you will support  our cause.


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    I lost my liver at 35 years old because of fatty liver (never drank) got a second transplant in 2015. I’m 48 years old today. My father died at the age of 40 from undiagnosed fatty liver, my son was diagnosed at 8 years old, my oldest daughter was diagnosed at 24 my other two children are ok I had them both checked. It is a genetic condition at least for my family. My advice is check yourself and your children early not everyone gets a transplant not everyone dies from this desease, lifestyle changes are the key. I will pray for all that are sick with this desease. God bless you all.