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    Liver Testing, Consolate General of Mexico, Houston






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    At risk for Fatty Liver, NAFLD or NASH?

    In the past 20 years fatty liver has increased over 20 times.

    100 million American have fatty livers or worse.  Are you at risk?

    As a result of changes in the American diet and the resulting obesity of the average citizen liver damage is epidemic.  The result is that there is a large wave of liver disease moving toward the medical community. A complication is that the damage is usually silent until it becomes life threatening. The average overweight person thinks of being overweight as mostly an appearance issue and not as a very slow but dangerous problem.  Obesity induced liver failure is projected to become the number one reason for a liver transplant by 2020. The Foundation's goal is to help stem that tide. 

    • We care about your life
    • 100 million American have a fatty liver.
    • 20 million of you will develop liver fibrosis disease as a result.
    • 2 million of you will progress to cirrhosis and end stage liver failure.  
    • This also leads to diabetes and other terrible diseases.
    • Some of you will be lucky enough to be listed for transplant, which is the only cure, but 30% of those who do will die waiting.  Death by liver failure is long and very difficult.  
    • Our mission is to help you avoid that kind of death by helping you understand how you are killing yourself slowly and what you can do about it.  If you are already ill we will do our best to help you with that process.

     If Fatty Liver disease or its cousins concern you, join the Foundation, its free

    If you want to learn about fatty liver or NAFLD, watch this short video for a quick overview of fatty liver disease and how it develops.

    If you would like to become a member of the foundation click here to join.

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    This is among the best overall discussions of how liver disease comes about and gives you a really good foundation from which you can learn about the other in depth information we present.  This lecture is over an hour long but very important if truly dealing with this disease is your goal. You need to understand where it comes from.


    Sugar the bitter truth and the origins of NAFLD and NASH