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    Hi There,

    You can’t open a lifestyle magazine at the moment without being encouraged to try out some new fad diet or eating plan that promises a bounteous weight loss, so you can be ‘beach body ready’. For many, these regimes are not only unworkable, but unhealthy and don’t do much to promote good, sensible eating and above all a positive body image. This has got to change!

    I have been using my experiences as a former healthcare worker to help others develop

    healthier eating regimes and weight loss plans that don’t deprive the body of any essential food groups and nutrients. It was whilst I was researching the following topic I came across https://www.fattyliverfoundation.org/diet_nash and just wondered if your readers might have an interest in reading an article about healthy summer weight loss that’s sustainable?

    I’d really love to contribute an article to your site, on this topic and would be happy to get

    started straight away. If you’ve other ideas you’d like me to write on, either in a similar vein, or on another idea entirely – do let me know as I’d be very keen to work with a quality site such as yours.

    With kindest wishes to you,


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