Patti Tilden

  • commented on I wonder how people become cruel 2017-10-06 16:36:43 -0600
    I am so sorry that you have gone through this. You do NOT have to be overweight to end up with this disease, so please quit blaming yourself. I am slender and fear that I have it. We are in the testing process now. I have hypothyroidism, and that alone can cause it. I fight hard to keep my weight down, and take a thyroid med to no avail. I am tired all of the time, and have no life left. People have been cruel to me too, just by seeing my health decline. It is THEIR problem to be so cruel, NOT yours. I think that it scares them as it reminds them of their own mortality and frailty. Consider the source, and make sure you have supportive friends and family; HARD I know. I only have ONE friend in my life and my family has basically abandoned me as they think I make things up, and do not take me seriously. Like I WANT to live like this.