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    Dear Sir / Madam,

    My name is David Sutiono, I am from Indonesia . and recently i have been trying ,involving and giving my attention for the childrens with biliary atresia in indonesia.

    as you know that they need our HELP and our prayers and all the necessary resourches they can get. because some of them are really poor and helpless.

    I realize that we are just about to start . and our foundation named HELP ( Hanya Engkau Lihat dan Peduli) it means “only we can see and care” and we are buiding our website named http://h-e-l-p.org. my self as the founder and supported by some of good and dedicated people around me with the same heart to provide help for the childrens.

    we need a mentoring and kind guidance from your foundation if you wish. it would be very helpful for us since we need all the right path and the right strategies for fighting the disease.

    please be so kind if you have such a mentoring program and funding even further if possible . it would be highly appreciated by us.

    but most of all we will never stop trying to find a way in giving a relief condition for those childrens and the parents.

    and for your information next from November 1st until november 6th we will be travelling to houston , and from November 7th until November 13th we will be travelling to Los Angeles.

    if a meeting might be needed we wil be so happy and arrange time to meet you.

    love and blessings

    David Sutiono


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