Lindsay Berry

  • commented on I don't think the doctors care if my husband dies 2020-08-09 07:25:29 -0600
    This breaks my heart and makes me so mad at the medical community. My husband also has ESLD and the doctor visits it makes me mad with the lack of caring about his health. My husband has been 5+ years sober and has done well. He is starting to go down hill and the health insurance I was told to get by the transplant team took a couple weeks to get the information. They removed us from the referral list. We have to start all over and the worst part is that the insurance is AWFUL and most doctors don’t take it now. UGHHHHH!!! I am so sick of the hoops we have to jump through to get the level of care that we need. His current primary is trying to take him off of Xifaxan now and I have complained to the insurance company. These doctors are not being paid to judge patient’s that made mistakes in their past. It is sad and it is murder in my opinion that they allow people to die because of an illness they had in the past, IF they can help these people. We live in Florida, and I honestly believe that doctors see so many older people that their patients as cattle. The rating of care in Florida is a 4 and a 1 being the worst- 40 being the best. Praying for you and your husband- I don’t see a follow up so I am praying that your hubby finally got the care he needed. Thank you for your post.