How many specialists do I have to support?

Posted by admin for anonymous 

My "team" 





Neuro surgeon 

Primary Care Provider

Renal Specialist

Genetic Counselor

Mental Health Counselor 

Orthopedic Surgeon



Physical Therapist 


I'm fairly certain fewer than 2 of these doctors know my first name

I also know that they do not communicate with each other 

This is a stupidly long list of specialists

Each only addressing one issue 

My problem is getting any of them to consider the multiple symptoms and adress them collectively

For instance, could there be one thing causing all these things to happen 

Im just feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with diagnostics and labs and procedures and automated calls from clinics and pharmacists and appointments overlapping and I'm beginning to question whether all this is even necessary 

Like how does it benefit me ?

Is it going to improve my condition ?

Better my quality of life ?

Is it even worth it ? 

Spending all these days that I can manage to get up going to appointments and stressing out ? 

Maybe I should take some time to enjoy my life a little bit before I get too sick to ever enjoy anything ...

Im exhausted 

Mentally and physically

This routine is making me unhappy 

Im normally fairly cheerful but now I'm just miserable 

I hate my life 

I feel like I'm wasting it 

Every appointment brings more tests and more appointments 

Im sorry to be so complainy 

I try not to complain to my friends because Im afraid they'll stop coming around 

I just need to unload every once in a while

Thanks for allowing me a place to do it 

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