Alysa Suniga

  • commented on Terri Monclova Milton 2019-04-13 12:04:51 -0600
    Hi my name is Alysa I am 22 years old and my dad Angelo who is 57 has NASH. He got diagnosed 3 years ago. He use to be 389 lbs before he got sick. My dad has an addictive personality when it comes to food. Always his hole life. He goes through having no ability to drive because of high amonia, drinking the nasty lactulose 4x times a day, going to infusion center at the hospital 2x a week for blood transfusions because he’s always loosing blood. Since he got sick he lost about 150 lbs from not eating when he was critical condition. Now it’s so hard for me as a 22 year old to see your dad you once relied on now relying on you. He keeps eating bad carb foods and all he does is watch tv at home no pslhysical activity. He was resantly put on insulin due to very high blood sugar but I always tell him the medications and everything are all temporary and are only bandaids , but he still eats and does nothing actively to change his health around. So if anyone sees this or if Teri monclova sees this, I loved your story. I need help for my dad sack that he can survive this and that many people live with it and have changed for the better.