Linda Reed

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    Oh my, I could have written every word of Meagan’s Journey. It took my Dr. 4 years to finally get a diagnosis. Stage 4 NASH ! I was given a maximum of 3 years which puts me at the end of 2020. This is a frustrating, exhausting, unpredictable disease. Just when you think you can handle it, you have " one of those days". You DEFINITELY cannot makes plans ahead of time. The people in your life who truly know & love you understand that we can only live moment by moment. We can be thankful for the good moments or even days when we feel great & at times almost forget you have a terminal disease with no cure in sight. This disease is difficult for others to understand. Heck, those of us who have this disease have a hard time, almost daily trying to make the best of it. And NO, you will NEVER be the same. You become a totally different person……once active & productive person to someone, at times who is TOTALLY & COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED, loss of memory, possible kidney failure, etc, etc, etc. Also, depression will likely hit you at different degrees. I am a very strong believer in my Lord Jesus Christ & I do lean on Him when the going gets really tough ! BELIEVE ME, THIS IS A RUFF ROLLER COASTER RIDE !
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