Susan West

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    Christopher Harris
    Sorry to hear you are going through this, hope the DVT is taken care of quickly. Unfortunately NAFLD/NASH often has no symptoms until it is in advanced stages, as this website provides information about. Even as a nurse I was very surprised about this. Drs. could do more screening for those who at risk, but it is not in their protocol at this time. It would be good to see a liver specialist (hepatologist), and an ultrasound, fibroscan, or liver biopsy would give you a better idea of what state your liver is in. The liver has a great capacity to regenerate and diet and lifestyle changes can help tremendously. A diet that excludes sugar, and is low carb is very beneficial, with good fats. If the liver is in very advanced stages of cirrhosis a liver transplant may be needed. I am not affiliated with this site, just someone who has been on a steep learning curve over the last few years.
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