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I thought hospice was supposed to make him comfortable

Posted anonymously by admin

Super upset right now. He came home from the hospital on Saturday early afternoon. He is now on Hospice Home Healthcare. Hospice told him to get a prescription for pain medicine before he left the hospital to last him 72 hours, which he did, 10 mg oxycodone and Fentanyl patches. His Hospice nurse came out around noon today and met with him. Saw that he only had 6 pills left and a couple Fentanyl patches. We told her that he would like to go back to the 15 mg oxycodone that was actually helping him before his pain doctor cut him down twice over the last 6 months because of all the opiate overdoses. Well, Hospice nurse called back and said that the Hospice doctor isn't going to write him another prescription for oxycodone, even though he'll be out soon. She told me to just change his Fentanyl patch and add a half of another one, even though he told her that he didn't like the patch. All he wants is his oxycodone 15 mg and to try something different for long lasting pain relief. He still can't get the pain relieve that he needs even with a prognosis of less than 4 weeks!! Luckily, I have kept his pain doctor in the loop about the prescription he got from the hospital and the fact that he is now on Hospice, like they said,

would give his pain doctor more freedom to give him the 15 mg oxys 4x's a day again. And hopefully something different for long lasting pain relief. The Hospice nurse said he isn't allowed to see any outside doctor or call 911 or go to the hospital now that he's on Hospice but they aren't helping either. I thought the whole point of Hospice was comfort care? Seems like he's just going to be jacked around again as usual. He's suppose to get a "comfort package" in the mail probably tomorrow which is suppose to have liquid morphine, which he said doesn't last long, Ativan, which will worsen his HE, and Haldol, which he is allergic to. I just don't know what to do to get him the relief he needs. 😞