invitation to the SUNN Screen Project and wellness league consent



The first project of the Wellness League is called the SUNN Screen project.  We want to gather blood tests of people with liver disease using the LIVERFASt (click here for more information) test as part of our project to encourage doctors to screen for asymptomatic liver disease.  Even though we know that about 100 million Americans have fatty liver disease the medical profession does not support screening for advancing disease absent symptoms. We believe that people should learn about their risks before they become ill. Our SUNN project is our effort to gather data needed to change that guidance.

The first step is to consider becoming part of the Wellness League.  This consent form will allow our staff to contact you and provide you with all of the information you need.  This is not a public group.  It is intended to serve real people dealing with health and is not a place for lurkers or trolls.  The Foundation website is open to all. The Wellness League is patient only.