If you are here, you or someone near you probably has been diagnosed with liver disease

The Fatty Liver Foundation is by liver patients for current and future liver patients.  The site is still under construction and many of our planned programs are still being developed. Just in case you are new to liver disease, here is a video describing liver anatomy that you might find useful as a place to begin the journey of understanding.

For now let's get started by making a connection.  Consider joining the site or one of the groups we are forming.

Become a member of the foundation as a general member, its free

If you would like to connect with other people who are concerned about these specific issues you can join one of these groups


NASH support group


NAFLD support group

Just a note, at the end the video above they will offer you other YouTube videos but they aren't part of our program though many are useful. Be aware that we can't control the videos they offer you.

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    Very useful videos.

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