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2022 The State of NAFLD/NASH Care in America

In April 2022, the Fatty Liver Foundation (FLF) launched the inaugural run of The State of NAFLD/NASH Care in AmericaTM, an annual national survey of patients with NAFLD/NASH. The goal was to better understand the experiences of patients with NAFLD/NASH, their risk factors for NAFLD/NASH, their diagnosis and how it was communicated to them, the care they received, and whether they felt their disease and care were clearly explained to them.

The results of the survey (a total of 713 respondents) provide a unique perspective on the experiences of NAFLD/NASH patients and can help inform better support services and advocacy efforts for those living with NAFLD/NASH1. FLF plans to use the survey findings to raise awareness of NAFLD/NASH and campaign for better support for patients with healthcare professionals, researchers, policy makers, media, and other key stakeholders.

Click the images below to learn more about who participated in the survey, the key findings, what we have learned, and important takeaways.






FLF would like to express our gratitude to the respondents who generously shared their personal experiences of living with NAFLD/NASH with us.

FLF would also like to thank 89bio, Inc., Bristol Myers Squibb, Intercept Pharmaceuticals, and Madrigal Pharmaceuticals for their generous support through educational grants. FLF maintains full editorial control and independence over the survey content.



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