Improving together the medical learning about NASH to better address its causes and consequences and serve patients.

As a recognized leader in the NASH field, the endowmwent fund has a responsibility for being proactive in NASH disease awareness.
The NASH Education ProgramTM defines and drives initiatives in collaboration with an independent scientific committee² composed of four international key opinion leaders, well-known and respected in the field, with a footprint in both hepatic and metabolic diseases, and a strong presence in the United States as well as in Europe.

The objective of this public health initiative is to place the practitioner and the patient at the heart of tomorrow's awareness and education actions. It aims at producing essential and relevant scientific and medical knowledge, and at disseminating it towards targeted audiences:
  • > All physician specialties, going beyond hepato-gastroenterology, i.e. including diabetologists, endocrinologists, obesity specialists, cardiologists, OB-GYN and general practitioners who will all have a key role to play in the clinical management of NASH patients;
  • > Patients and their families, but also individuals at risk, who all need to understand causes, mechanisms and consequences of the disease, to fully appreciate the importance of an early diagnosis and a treatment well-suited to their condition.
Through this approach, The NASH Education ProgramTM creates opportunities to increase awareness through relevant and impactful education actions. It is obviously open to all key stakeholders in the NASH space who are committed to improving NASH patient care.

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