Can you improve your chances of a transplant?
Probably, but you must be proactive
Better Call Mariel!

Make Transplants Fair. If you need a transplant you need to understand this.

The National Waiting List has 120,000+ people and continues to grow exponentially. The list gets bigger by 4,000 more new patients added every year and only 28,000 annual transplant surgeries, steady since 2005. So you must get even sicker today to get near the top of the Waiting List to be considered for transplant. Compare Transplant Centers reviews your personal situation to give unbiased and strategic comparisons of all the transplant centers within your reach.
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You should seek professional help with your decision of where to seek a transplant. Compare Transplant Centers provides the guidance patients need to understand their real transplant situation.

You need the following statistics on all transplant centers of interest:

We recommend Compare Transplant Centers as they offer multi-listing recommendations at transplant centers in other Organ Procurements Organizations (OPOs) and other Regions, if at all possible, for a final catch-all. You need that research to understand all the possibilities for your exact situation to understand the best transplant center recommendation/s and possible pairings, based on SRTR and OPTN statistical data and best strategic practices, utilizing UNOS policies and guidelines.

In a world of organ shortages, families need the power of analytical and strategic information to make wise and proactive decisions to get patients to transplant sooner for best possible outcome. Although “waiting” is never easy, having the best groundwork put together enables your family to focus on health stability and enjoying life together.


Click here for an excellent overview of transplant today from John's Hopkins Transplant team


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