Founders and initial Board of Directors

Wayne Eskridge, Founder and CEO

Wayne Eskridge, an electrical engineer from the University of Idaho, worked in software and electronics through a 50 year professional career.  He served in many technical and managerial roles beginning as a computer programmer, through multiple levels of technical and managerial positions in businesses of all sizes. He held executive positions in both public and private corporations with worldwide responsibilities, and from startups to Fortune 500 firms. He was recently appointed as a member of the AASLD Patient Advisory Group, which represents the patient community to the medical professional society.

Eskridge was first diagnosed with liver disease in 2010 and, as a result of his own experiences, he became aware of an acute need for an educational resource from a patient perspective.  At the core of his motivation is the fact that an estimated 100 million Americans already have fatty liver disease and are unaware of it.  While there is currently no medical treatment for NAFLD/NASH, lifestyle changes can be effective. Prevention through education is the only practical solution today. His desire to help others avoid his experiences led him to the decision to become a patient advocate and to create the Fatty Liver Foundation.

Rosemary Wickowski, Secretary and Treasurer

Rosemary Wickowski is a journalism graduate of the University of Michigan. She is the wife of CEO Wayne Eskridge. Her professional career was primarily with Hewlett Packard where she rose to executive positions in marketing.  She served HP in many capacities from product manager for multiple product lines, manager of PR and trade show activities, through sales and marketing manager for the corporation. After leaving HP she founded an internet retail company which she operated until she decided to devote herself to the fatty liver education project led by her husband.

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