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Fibronostics is a global diagnostics company, shaping the future of non-invasive diagnostics with artificial intelligence that provides algorithm-based solutions in a variety of diagnostic testing areas, focusing on screening, progression and prognosis of liver & kidney disease, and other chronic conditions (HBV, HCV, NAFLD, NASH and ALD).

Combining Diagnostics and Artificial Intelligence enabling Precision Medicine, Risk Prediction and Prognosis to Guide Therapy.


How it works

how Fibronostics works



NASH Patient

If diagnosed, you may be at an early stage or late stage of liver disease. Here is how Fibronostics helps you to examine the disease.

how Fibronostics works


COVID Patient

LIVERFASt™ can safely provide the complete liver assessment clinically needed, whether a COVID-19 patient has pre-existing conditions such as hepatitis B or C, NASH or Fatty Liver or even those with undiagnosed liver disease.

how Fibronostics works