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The State of NAFLD/NASH Care in America

The State of NAFLD/NASH Care in America™ is a pioneering national initiative that aims to make a significant impact within the NAFLD/NASH patient community. This initiative surveys the real-life experiences of adults with NAFLD/NASH across the United States, promoting the ongoing development and implementation of practical solutions to improve diagnosis, treatment, care, and support for those affected by these conditions.


The 2022 State of NAFLD/NASH Care in America survey was the inaugural annual survey to understand the state of care for NAFLD/NASH as experienced by patients and will establish the baseline to monitor year-to-year changes in disease management progress. For more information, see the full press release here.


Click the images below to learn more about our 2022 findings including who participated in the survey, key findings, what we have learned, and important takeaways.



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