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National Fatty Liver Registry

The National Fatty Liver Registry (NFLR) is in its design stage.  As outlined in our Screening Project introduction, there is a great need for identifying patients at risk and with liver disease.  Our goal is to build the largest database of tests for liver disease in the world.  At scale and full deployment, our target is one million tests per year, capturing valuable data for epidemiological and interventional research.  

The fundamental goal of the Foundation is to alert the individual patient to the risks they may have of developing liver disease as a result of lifestyle issues.  The Foundation is also commited to building a research resource which will deliver lasting benefit to society at large and to the research community. 

The Foundation is taking a proactive, leading sponsorship role in the development of the NFLR.  We are working with leading organizations and partners to design and implement this strategic project.  If you have interest in being part of the effort, contact us for more information and how you can help.