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It is well established that diet is producing the majority of the liver disease epidemic.  We grow fatter each year and even when we try to change that the cacophony of advice is overwhelming.  Groups are passionate about the extremes of food and you can find advocates for eating all combinations of diets with "expert" advice about high and low fats, carbs, and proteins.  The vegans vs the paleo for example are both confident that they are correct and experts are available to support each group.  There is a great middle, of course, who have no real doctrine and just eat what is convenient and appeals to them, but like a great herd of wildebeest they move always toward the river where the crocodiles lie in wait.

It is very difficult to not be  confused by claims.  A major source of the challenge is the miracle that is your liver.  Consider this, we have had societies that lived on 80% carbs and we have had societies that lived on 80% fat.  That illustrates the magic of your biochemistry.  The liver is able to turn carbs to fats or fats to carbs as it needs to. That is why you can eat such a variety and not poison yourself.  The extreme diets have their own challenges, but clearly with such a powerful tool for your use there must be a "best" mix of material to feed the liver for optimal operation. As a liver patient, that is quite clearly the challenge.  Once you have harmed the organ your goal is how to take the best care of whatever function remains.

What might liver kindness look like.  Do you think it would be good to ask it to do as little work as possible? Clever idea, don't you agree? So how to do that?  In broad terms the body needs glucose and fatty acids for energy.  Different organs use different combinations of fuel.  For example, the brain is a glucose fanatic and the heart burns only fatty acids so both are required. The liver adjusts everything to maintain a proper balance no matter what you eat.  The problem comes when what you eat overwhelms the liver's capacity and things will then go wrong.

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