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Here are some things you need to know about NASH

Knowledge is your best defense.


Why should you care about NASH or NAFLD?

Doctors don't routinely check for liver disease


About 70% of diabetics have undiagnosed liver disease.


Diabetes is a serious disease but NAFLD/NASH/CIRRHOSIS is far more likely to kill you. 

The hazard ratio is a measure of how likely you are to die compared to someone without the disease. In this chart, look at Diabetes at 1.61 compared to stage 4 fibrosis (which is cirrhosis) which is 10.9.  Fibrosis is far more dangerous and there is no treatment.


The average doctor isn't well trained on liver disease and often doesn't explain the risks


What can I do? It is important to become your own best advocate

Information is your best protection. Click here for next steps.


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