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Being Overweight Takes Years Off Of Your Life. Do You Care?

Does being fat matter?

Do you care about dying?

How about being ill for years?


  • Obesity accounts for 18 percent of deaths among Americans between the ages of 40 and 85
  • The incidence of fatty liver disease has increased 20 times since 1983.
  • A 5-year-old growing up today is much more likely to be obese than a generation or two ago.
  • Once someone is obese, it is very difficult to undo. We won't see the worst of the epidemic until the current generation of children grows old.
  • One in five US deaths is associated with obesity. What are your odds?
  • Fatty liver disease is epidemic affecting about 100 million Americans.
  • The good news, it is possible to take it off and keep it off but you must be serious.

Want to learn about why what you eat can kill you? Learn a lot by clicking on this link.

Did you know that the risk of death when you get to stage 4 fibrosis is 25 times higher than it is at stage 1?


Is there a short explanation about how what I eat can cause me problems?

For a start, watch this short video.

 If this causes you to want to learn more, click on this link for a fuller explanation of liver disease and why you should care if illness and death are not goals for you.