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International NASH Day programs include two live, interactive webinars on NAFLD/NASH screening and a development update on FLF’s WELLNESS LEAGUE, the first community-driven health and wellness platform for people at-risk of or living with NAFLD/NASH in the United States


June 9, 2022; Boise, IDAHO On the occasion of International NASH Day 2022, Fatty Liver Foundation (FLF) brings three interactive programs to the public that offer information, inspiration, and support for populations affected by non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and its more advanced form, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). FLF, along with its collaborators Sano Genetics and Hepatitis B Initiative of Washington, DC (HBI-DC), as well as other key stakeholders are also highlighting the need for urgent action to increase early stage NAFLD detection, screening, and diagnosis to significantly improve patients’ chances of survival. 


  • FLF + Sano Genetics Webinar | 11:00 AM EDT 


“The Genetics of NAFLD/NASH: How the Fatty Liver Foundation is Innovating to Accelerate Personalized Medicine Research”

This FLF and Sano Genetics partnership aims to close the knowledge gap on hereditary risk factors within NAFLD/NASH patient community by offering home-based genetic testing with linkage to personalized opportunities for individuals to participate in NAFLD/NASH medical research and clinical trials. 

Speakers: Wayne Eskridge (Co-Founder and CEO, FLF); Dr. Neeraj Mistry (Chief Medical Officer, FLF); and Lindsey Wahlstrom-Edward (Partnerships Lead, Sano Genetics) 

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  • FLF + HBI-DC Webinar | 1:00 PM EDT


“The Other Pandemic: NAFLD/NASH – A Major, Neglected Global Public Health Problem Requiring Urgent Actions and Large-Scale Screening”

FLF and HBI-DC are hosting this special webinar dedicated to the NAFLD/NASH pandemic from patients’ perspectives. Discussions will include: NAFLD/NASH epidemiology, disease state, diagnostics, and treatment; innovations in non-invasive NAFLD/NASH testing; lessons learned from FLF’s SUNN-1 study, a community-based NAFLD/NASH screening program, and implementation plans for FLF’s SUNN-2 study in collaboration with HBI-DC as its first study site. 

Moderator: Dr. Amy Trang (Interim Program Manager/Program Development Consultant, HBI-DC)


Speakers: Wayne Eskridge (FLF); Jane Pan (Executive Director, HBI-DC); Dr. Neeraj Mistry (FLF); Elayne Wandler (Director, Corporate Development, Sonic Incytes Medical Corp); Emily Cramer (Clinical Trainer and Support Specialist, Sonic Incytes Medical Corp); and Joel Gay (Product Manager, E-Scopics)


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  • FLF + Sano Genetics | The Wellness League 


FLF, in collaboration with Sano Genetics, is building the first community-driven health and wellness platform for people at-risk of or living with NAFLD/NASH with the power and potential to help make a positive impact to the lives of millions across America. 


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Currently, NAFLD affects 25% of the global population and more than 60% of patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D). The prevalence of NASH is estimated at up to 6.5% of the general population and as many as 37% of people with T2D. Prevalence of NASH is expected to increase by 63% between 2015 and 2030; this translates to 4.9 million to 21 million people in the United States and more than 100 million people worldwide. The number of patients with NASH-related advanced fibrosis will likely double by 2030, resulting in 800,000 liver-related deaths. 

A majority of the newly diagnosed NAFLD/NASH cases could have been detected sooner and treated more effectively. Early detection, screening, and diagnosis have been proven to significantly improve patient survival rates and quality of life as well as significantly reduce the cost and complexity of NAFLD/NASH treatment. However, barriers to achieving higher rates of early NAFLD/NASH detection need to be addressed at the individual, health system, and government levels to significantly reduce the personal, financial, and societal burden of NAFLD/NASH worldwide. 

“Each year, on the second Thursday in June, we take a moment to reconnect with why we work to raise awareness about the silent pandemic of NAFLD/NASH, remember those we have lost, and recommit to continuing the fight to bring an end to this global public health problem,” said Wayne Eskridge, Co-Founder and CEO of FLF. 

“While we celebrate the recent scientific progress in NAFLD/NASH research and drug development, we must also address the structural and social challenges that continue to impede people from accessing safe and effective NAFLD/NASH screening, prevention, treatment, care and support tools,” said Dr. Neeraj Mistry, FLF’s Chief Medical Officer. 

“On this International NASH Day, we want people to know that NAFLD/NASH can be managed, especially if they are detected and treated as early as possible with lifestyle, dietary, and other proven interventions. By detecting fatty liver disease at its earliest stage, we seize the greatest opportunity to prevent millions of avoidable deaths worldwide,” said Henry E. Chang, FLF’s Executive Director. 

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The Fatty Liver Foundation is a non-profit patient organization dedicated to improving the identification, diagnosis, treatment, and support of people living with fatty liver, NAFLD or NASH through awareness, screening, education, and patient outreach. FLF’s goal is to improve the lives of both asymptomatic and diagnosed patients by raising awareness, advancing wellness screening, educating patients, and championing the development of responsive support systems for individuals of the growing epidemic of fatty liver disease. Connect with us on, Facebook (Fatty Liver Foundation JUST LIVER NEWS), Twitter (@LiverSaver), and YouTube (Fatty Liver Foundation).

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