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Fatty Liver Foundation and Society for Sober Liver Survival Forge Groundbreaking Collaboration in the Fight Against Liver Diseases

FLF and Sober Liver Embark on a Collaborative Mission to Revolutionize Liver Health Support and Advocate for Patients Nationwide


BOISE, ID & AURORA, CO / NOVEMBER, 28, 2023 – In a major step forward for liver health, the Fatty Liver Foundation (FLF) and the Society for Sober Liver Survival (Sober Liver) are pleased to announce their formal collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This collaboration unites the two organizations in the fight against liver diseases, especially Metabolic and Alcohol-Associated Liver Disease (MetALD), a condition that has gained increased recognition in the medical community following a recent change in disease nomenclature by hepatology experts in June 2023.

The previously known Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) has been renamed as Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Steatotic Liver Disease” (MASLD). This condition involves the buildup of fat in the liver along with one or more risk factors related to heart and metabolic health. MetALD refers to individuals with MASLD who drink more than a certain amount of alcohol each week. For women, this is equivalent to about 10 standard drinks (140 grams), and for men, about 15 standard drinks (210 grams) per week.

As part of our landmark collaboration, FLF and Sober Liver have identified five areas where our combined efforts will focus. These areas represent a comprehensive approach to tackling liver diseases, particularly Alcohol-Associated Liver Diseases (ALDs) and MetALD, and aim to leverage the strengths of both organizations for maximum impact.  

  1. Integration of Sober Liver as a restricted program within FLF: Sober Liver will be integrated into FLF as a distinct, restricted program. This integration is designed to merge the specialized strengths of both organizations, significantly enhancing the support and care provided to individuals and care partners affected by ALDs, MetALD, including those who are pre- and post-transplant, with or without liver cancers
  2. Development of tailored initiatives: The collaboration will focus on creating specific projects and programs to aid those recovering from alcohol use disorders.
  3. Increased awareness and education: A joint effort will be made to educate the public about ALDs and MetALD and to provide resources for at-risk populations and healthcare professionals.  
  4. Strengthen patient advocacy: The collaboration will intensify advocacy for better diagnosis, treatment, and care for patients with ALDs and MetALD.
  5. Elevating Patient and Community Voices in Collaborative Networks: This collaboration is committed to broadening its influence by not only collaborating with healthcare providers and industry partners but also by actively involving patient groups and community voices in shaping clinical trials and study designs.

Wayne Eskridge, CEO and Co-Founder of FLF, shared his perspective on the collaboration: “Living with cirrhotic NASH, or MASH as it is now known, I have experienced firsthand the critical challenges of liver diseases. This personal journey has deepened my understanding of the vital need for early detection and comprehensive care. Integrating Sober Liver into FLF marks a momentous step in our shared battle against liver diseases. This union is more than a strategic alignment; it is a fusion of our resources and expertise, poised to make a real difference in the lives of individuals grappling with liver conditions, including MetALD. Together, we are committed to ensuring that no one is left behind in this fight.”

Jenn Jones, Founder and Visionary of Sober Liver, reflected on the collaboration with enthusiasm: “Joining forces with FLF, is a game-changer for us at Sober Liver. Combining the robust knowledge and depth of experience of FLF’s leadership team with the diverse business aptitude and ALD lived experience that our Principal Strategic Advisor, Beth Lehman and I provide amplifies our dedication to liver health. This collaboration enables us to offer a stronger support network for those facing liver diseases. Together, we are not just aiming to enhance care; we are striving to transform it, ensuring that every individual fighting with liver disease, regardless of cause, receives the comprehensive care and support they truly need.”

Henry E. Chang, Executive Director of FLF, concluded with a unifying statement on the collaboration: “The collaboration between our organizations signifies a crucial leap forward in our shared mission to enhance liver health. Merging our collective expertise and resources, we stand in a stronger position to confront the complexities of liver diseases. This collaboration, fueled by personal experience and shared vision for comprehensive care, enables us to make a substantial impact in patient care and advocacy. Together, we are redefining the approach to liver health, ensuring a more effective and compassionate response to those in need.”


About the Fatty Liver Foundation:

The Fatty Liver Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the identification, diagnosis, treatment and support of people living with fatty liver, NAFLD or NASH through awareness, screening, education, and patient outreach. FLF’s goal is to improve the lives of both asymptomatic and diagnosed patients by raising awareness, advancing wellness screening, educating patients, and championing the development of responsive health systems for individuals of the growing epidemic of fatty liver disease. Connect with us on, Facebook (Fatty Liver Foundation JUST LIVER NEWS), Twitter/X (@LiverSaver), and YouTube (Fatty Liver Foundation).


About the Society for Sober Liver Survival:

The Society for Sober Liver Survival (Sober Liver) is dedicated to empowering individuals affected by alcohol-associated liver diseases (ALDs) and Metabolic and Alcohol-Associated Liver Disease (MetALD). Our mission is to guide those navigating their unique journey of alcohol recovery and lifestyle changes, while also pioneering in early detection, treatment, and support to prevent the progression to cirrhosis. Our support extends to all stages of liver disease, including pre- and post-liver transplant and individuals with or without liver cancers. We provide a suite of tools such as nationwide peer support, care partner groups, mentorship, educational resources, and campaigns focused on dismantling the stigma around liver diseases. Visit for more information and connect with us on Facebook (Society for Sober Liver Survival), Twitter/X (@SoberLivers), and Instagram (@SoberLivers).


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