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Please remember if you are overweight you are at risk.

So What Is The Problem?

  • Fatty liver and subsequent medical problems are epidemic but largely unknown
  • Doctors are often not effective at motivating patients to manage their weight
  • People are generally aware of weight concerns but fail to manage it
  • Dieting usually fails but diet plans are still a giant industry
  • The supplement industry is largely just a consumer fraud
  • There is no awareness that liver disease kills in a two decade long process
  • There are few effective screening tools for developing liver disease
  • The public awareness of liver disease is very limited

 Target Population – The common elements – internet users searching for health information

  • Any patient or caregiver searching for fatty liver on the internet
  • Any dieter who has tried and failed to lose weight and is looking for information
  • Any person with any aspect of metabolic syndrome searching for information
  • Any person who searches for information about liver disease in general

 Why Do We Care?

  • The current generation is the first in modern history to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.
  • A fundamental reason is that societal obesity contributes to many disease conditions
  • A general lack of understanding of the relationships between diet and health exists.
  • There is a great volume of misinformation on the internet rooted in marketing supplements
  • Medical care today is ill prepared to counsel people on dietary strategies, choice or consequences

 If Fatty Liver disease or its cousins concern you, join the Foundation, its free