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Kiss and Click Challenge

Amsety and Fatty Liver Foundation Partner to Raise Funds for Liver Health Awareness Through the Kiss and Click” Challenge


Now, for Millions of Americans, education on liver health is just a Kiss and Click away! Amsety - the first nutrition bar company dedicated to liver health, and the Fatty Liver Foundation - the first U.S. non-profit patient organization dedicated to the growing problem of fatty liver disease in America, are launching the “KISS AND CLICK FOR LIVER HEALTH” challenge.

Through this challenge, Amsety and the Fatty Liver Foundation are determined to promote awareness of the growing problem of liver disease in the US and to encourage donations to the Fatty Liver Foundation to support their liver health initiatives and fund fatty liver disease screenings for those at risk, but unable to afford the examination.

Within the last decades, fatty liver disease has grown into an epidemic in the US with about 100 million Americans or nearly one-third of the US population being affected by various stages of the condition, principally NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) and NASH (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis). Driven by unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise, this is no longer just an adult health problem as it has taken root among our youth and young children as well.

More than 1 in 3 Americans are obese and at risk of developing NAFLD and the more serious NASH.  On top of that, the rising number of people affected by diabetes and other chronic conditions are made worse by any inability of the liver to do its job. Multiple organs depend on a healthy liver, so the development of liver disease will result in a decline in general health, greatly increasing the cost of medical care in the future.

The challenge is part of an initiative to create a new paradigm of liver health care that puts nutrition, lifestyle, and public awareness at the forefront of prevention and treatment of fatty liver disease.

 “The liver is a silent sufferer. Symptoms of liver disease  are often not noticeable until the disease has reached a severe stage. Therefore, early detection is critically important to stop the progression of damage and improve treatment outcomes. Our “Kiss and Click” challenge is intended to create social change and draw attention to the issue of prevention and early detection by educating the public on liver health in a straightforward and interactive way”, Wayne Eskridge, CEO of the Fatty Liver Foundation.

The “Kiss and Click” challenge is centered around the Liver Health Score which was developed by Amsety´s liver health experts to educate people on a liver-healthy lifestyle. The score is calculated based on a number of on-line multiple-choice questions and indicates how liver-healthy a person’s lifestyle is. It is not a medical test, but provides a measure of the general habits and lifestyle elements that promote long term liver health. The Liver Health Score is a tool for anyone who would like to work toward improving their liver health by making more knowledgeable lifestyle choices.

Anyone interested in joining the “Kiss and Click” challenge is encouraged to determine their Liver Health Score at and post a video on their social media channels with the hashtags #kissandclick and #kisseschallenge declaring that they have learned their score and nominating three friends to do the same. The participants are also encouraged to make a difference by donating to the Fatty Liver Foundation.

“If you want to start living a liver-healthy lifestyle, start with our “Kiss and Click” challenge.  Get your Liver Health Score and  encourage– in a fun way - friends and family members to improve their lifestyle, diet, and overall health for the better as well”, Mustafa Behan, Founder of Amsety.

All donations acquired throughout the “Kiss and Click” challenge, will go directly to the Fatty Liver Foundation. All funds will help support and fund the Foundation’s educational and advocacy initiatives.

About the Fatty Liver Foundation:

The Fatty Liver Foundation is a non-profit patient organization dedicated to improving the identification, diagnosis, treatment & support of Americans with fatty liver, NAFLD or NASH through awareness, screening, education and patient outreach. The Foundation was created by Wayne Eskridge, a fatty liver disease patient from Boise, Idaho.

The Foundation’s goal is to improve the lives of both asymptomatic and diagnosed patients by raising awareness, developing wellness screening, educating patients and championing the development of a responsive support systems for victims of the growing epidemic of fatty liver disease.


About Amsety:

Amsety was founded to support liver health in the United States. The company is headquartered in Carlsbad (California) and Berlin (Germany). We developed the Amsety Bar to improve the lives of the individuals with liver conditions by delivering healthy liver nutritional solutions that meet the special dietary requirements and provide essential nutrients supporting liver health.

The Amsety Bar includes the unique, patent pending Super 16 Vitamin & Mineral Mix® that includes nutrients scientifically proven to support liver functions.

Since 2016, Amsety participates in the annual AASLD Liver Meetings. Amsety Bar has received tremendous feedback from the Liver Health Experts participating in the convention – 96% of surveyed Physicians would recommend Amsety Bars to their patients.

To promote the liver health awareness and improve the lives of many patients, Amsety also partners with various professional liver organizations.

In 2018, Amsety´s CEO Mustafa Behan has won the “Entrepreneur of the Year” Business Award presented by the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce as well as the Special Congressional Recognition as a leading entrepreneur.

Amsety Bars can be purchased at