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For any non-profit foundation, the support of the community is life and death. We depend upon people who believe that our efforts are of value. Our partner organizations are featured on their own pages, which can be accessed by clicking on their names at the top. We greatly appreciate the support of everyone who helps us. 

FLF's very first sponsor was Geneva Eskridge. Her husband and daughter died with complications of liver disease and her two living sons have NAFLD/NASH. Geneva urged that the Foundation go forward to help others threatened by the disease. 

Geneva Eskridge, skydiving at the age of 91.

The continued support of our sponsors provides help above and beyond just believing in our cause, making donations at various levels. If you would like to become a sponsor please contact us.


Our Sponsors contribute at different levels:


Platinum: $200,000+   Gold: $100,000+         Silver: $50,000+       Bronze: $10,000+    Blue Ribbon: <$10,000

Platinum Sponsors



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Bronze Sponsors

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