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A New Dawn in Liver Health: Fatty Liver Foundation Applauds Breakthrough FDA Approval of REZDIFFRA™ (resmetirom) for MASH Treatment

A New Dawn in Liver Health: Fatty Liver Foundation Applauds Breakthrough FDA Approval of REZDIFFRA™ (resmetirom) for MASH Treatment


BOISE, ID – MARCH 14, 2024 – The Fatty Liver Foundation (FLF) heralds a significant milestone in the field of liver health with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of REZDIFFRA™ (resmetirom), developed by Madrigal Pharmaceuticals, for the treatment of metabolic dysfunction-associated steatohepatitis (MASH), formerly known as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). This landmark approval paves the way for the first-ever medication for adults with fibrosis stage 2 or 3 due to MASH, marking a watershed moment in the pursuit of effective treatments. REZDIFFRA™ has been recognized by the FDA through breakthrough therapy and priority review designations for this crucial indication.

Wayne Eskridge, Co-Founder and CEO of FLF and a cirrhosis patient due to MASH, shared his profound gratitude and optimism: "The FDA’s approval of REZDIFFRA™ ushers in a new era in our battle against MASH. This approval serves as a beacon of hope for patients like me and underscores the significance of innovation and advocacy in healthcare. We are inspired to continue our efforts with renewed energy, knowing that effective solutions are now within reach for those living with this challenging condition."

Henry E. Chang, Executive Director of FLF, emphasized the importance of this breakthrough: "The FDA’s approval of REZDIFFRA™ represents a watershed moment for the MASH community. This monumental achievement offers new hope and therapeutic avenues to those dealing with liver fibrosis due to MASH. The Fatty Liver Foundation stands ready to guide patients through this novel treatment paradigm, reinforcing our dedication to those we serve."

Neeraj Mistry, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer of FLF, underscored the clinical significance of REZDIFFRA™’s approval: "REZDIFFRA™ signifies a considerable advancement in our capabilities to address MASH with liver fibrosis. Beyond introducing a new treatment option, this approval highlights the critical need for ongoing research and innovation. The Fatty Liver Foundation is committed to enhancing our understanding and management of liver diseases, ensuring patients receive the comprehensive care they require."

In light of this historic approval, the FLF reaffirms its dedication to raising awareness, promoting education, and supporting research to enhance the quality of life for those impacted by fatty liver diseases. This approval of resmetirom is a key milestone in our continued efforts to fight MASH and underscores our collective resolve towards a future where liver disease no longer poses a significant public health challenge. As REZDIFFRA™ becomes accessible, FLF will offer resources, support, and information to empower the MASH community in making informed health decisions.

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