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After My Fall --- Old Folks and Old Cars Tend to Fall Apart All at Once

In my last blog I talked about falling and how bad that was for old folks.  I mention that frequently in my communication with members of the foundation and I was disgusted that I tripped at night and had a hard fall.

Curiously, I didn't think the fall was very bad. It was a hands/knees fall and I didn't hit my head. I thought the pains were muscular.  Soon after I was dealing with back muscle spasms which I didn't connect to the fall. 

Several days later I had an appointment with my primary care doctor. He took some blood and sent it for processing.  After the appointment we did a few errands and just as we were driving into our garage he called and said I should immediately go to the ER. They were expecting me and I was having a critical calcium crisis.

I didn't actually know what a calcium crisis was but learned it can stop the heart in it tracks.

We drove straight to the ER and, they were ready. took me immediately to their rescue suite and went to work. They stabilized me and then it was straight to admission in the hospital..

I don't know a lot about that as I had hepatic encephalophy for the first time. The diagnosis was multiple myeloma and they started me immediately on cancer therapy.

After a few days I moved to rehab and am now home so I can write this blog for the first time in a few weeks.

I'm fortunate because my NASH is well controlled now that I'm dealing with this parallel issue but this isn't uncommon.  Most of our members have more than one issue at the same time.

My message is still don't fall, but if you do see your doc right away. I waited longer than was wise and had to have a crisis to get on the right track.  Even what you think was a small fall could have hidden consequences in older or infirm people.