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AI, what is it really and how will it affect patients

Join us for a webinar about AI and machine learning.

About a month ago, I shared some of my thoughts on the recent hysterics over AI. We know that panic and fear sells, so the media often plays on these emotions to garner more exposure and views. Unfortunately, these stories often fail to provide us with any meaningful information that might alleviate our concerns and instead leave us feeling more panicked and afraid than before we turned on the TV.

If you’re interested in learning more about AI in a more productive format, join us this Tuesday, July 11 at 11 AM ET in a discussion with some experts out of MIT who have formed a company, “Array Insights”. The webinar is free to attend and will run for about an hour.

Here is the link to register:


Even if you can't attend you should register as we will distribute the recording.

Array Insights develops software among various services and is dedicated to encouraging collaborative yet secure patient-centric healthcare research using machine learning, a form of AI. We’ve been working with them to create a tool for patients to help understand their risk of NAFLD.

We invite you to join this webinar as it will give you a chance to hear directly from the source what all of this AI talk means for you as a patient, understand potential benefits and risks, and understand guardrails that exist to keep your data private without passing through the frantic media filter. As patients, it’s crucial that we understand the science behind the technologies that are becoming increasingly involved in our healthcare.

We’re still taking responses for our 2023 patient survey. A large, collective voice from the NAFLD/NASH community is needed to push for meaningful change in our healthcare and patient experience.

Do your part and take 17 minutes to help us along.

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