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Dang Me, Dang Me, I broke another rule, but this is more serious

My hepatologist and every other doc always emphasized don't fall. I fell.

Last week, In the middle of a midnight bathroom run, I tripped and fell.

Not a terrible fall as nothing broken and no head impact but a big setback in my recovery from the back spasm.  NASH patients tend to become riskier to falls as the disease progresses. That one of the reasons for keeping an exercise routine.

Learning more about this as I go through therapy has been interesting. We all know that broken bones from a fall often leads to an earlier death. I was surprised to learn that people that recover from a pelvic break have a much higher risk of early death if they have a later injury.

The process of recovery reduces their reserves and the next injury is more likely to be fatal.

I hate being in this risk pool but as a NASH community we should be aware of the most important things we should work on every day.

A major one is DON'T FALL.