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I can see clearly now, the patient journey through liver land

I can see clearly now (I love this)

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Our upcoming webinar is Wednesday the 28th at 12:00 EST. If you are a patient or care about what patients have to say you should register.

Patients walk a difficult and confusing road with liver disease. The medical profession often doesn't manage it well. There are pockets of medical excellence but many patients have journeys through diagnosis and treatment that are simply awful. In spite of the challenges there are people who rise above the pain and show us a better way.

For this webinar I'm so very pleased to have three people who I met early in my journey who have inspired me. These are people who not only share the road with all of us but light our way.

Seriously, if you are a patient, know a patient, or care about what patients think, join us for a round table discussion of life on the liver road with this inspirational cast of characters.

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