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Madrigal speaks of providing best in class patient support, is that real?

So, Resmetirom ( Rezdiffra ) is approved but the real question is can you get it. How difficult is the process? How is it paid for? Does my doctor know how to manage it?  The release of a new medication is quite complicated and can frustrate everyone involved if done badly.

We have been engaged with Madrigal for several years now and I can attest that they set the standard for patient engagement and the commitment to patient health.  I'll give you a little background then direct you to the tools they are providing.

It hasn't been commented on much but you will note that biopsy is not required to qualify for the drug.  This was a major worry given the requirement that had been in place for a long time that biopsy was the only way to stage fibrosis.  There were a lot of us in favor of no biopsy but Madrigal, through Becky Taub's efforts, led the way with FDA and did the clinical trials that allowed the label to ignore biopsy.  This was a very big deal.

I've written previously about Becky Taub's role in Madrigal but her partner, Paul Friedman CEO, has been instrumental in the company's focus on the patient.

Paul Friedman

Paul, served as CEO from July 2016 until September 2023 and continues to contribute as a member of the Board of Directors. He has been instrumental in ensuring Madrigal's commitment to patient support. I credit Paul's vision and his extensive background in the pharmaceutical industry as foundational to Madrigal's strategy of patient-centric healthcare initiatives and its goal to provide best-in-class patient support as the company enters a new age. 

One example is sufficient to highlight what sets Madrigal apart from most of the pharma industry.  Their foundational goal, as clearly stated by their new CEO Bill Sibold, is that "every patient who needs the drug will get the drug even if they have to give it away for free."

Quite a commitment but the proof is in the pudding, right? So let's look at that.  Madrigal has deployed a Patient Support system.  Lots of firms offer something called that but, what support is really delivered?

The Madrigal team is reportedly prepared to solve the problems that patients have getting treatment.  Their team will help with the actual process, not just direct you to PDF files telling you what to do.  In a private briefing for patient advocates I asked Bill Sibold what that really meant.  He said they would do whatever was necessary to solve the problems.  If that meant engaging with the docs, or the insurers, or searching for funding sources their staff would help solve the problem.  We will have to see how they do in the real world but I believe the commitment to the patient is real throughout the company.

OK, enough praise for Madrigal.  Here is a link to the new patient support portal.  It is a resource for you and your physician as you navigate this new world.  

Madrigal Patient Support Portal

If you need to use this resource please let me know how it goes.  I admit to a fondness for the company but our role is to provide honest feedback and we do advise a number of companies on patient issues. Any perspectives you can add will be greatly appreciated.

You should feel free to share that link with your physicians if they are unsure how to manage this process as it contains everything your doc might need to help you get through the process.

If you would like to look at the patient prescribing information, here is a link to a patient friendly version of the label information.

If you are in need of connections to local services for day to day needs like food pantries, transportation, medical care, or any of thousands of other needs of life take a look at the link below.  It is a tool we provide to help patients connect with local services and it is organized by zip code. We invite you to take a look.

The Wellness League local services search tool

More to come in future blogs but for now just appreciate how far we have come and the contribution that Madrigal has made to our community.

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