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Radio Tour discussing Fatty Liver and NASH

Just a brief programming note.  I spent this morning doing a radio interview tour around the country talking about liver disease.  I was working with Ann Moore, a nurse practitioner specializing in liver disease.  We did interviews with 17 internet only  and live radio stations in an effort to educate the public broadly about liver disease, the need for early detection, and the role of the foundation.

Most of the interviews were live to tape so I don't know when they will air, but if you listen to any of these stations perhaps you will get a chance to hear them.


OUTLET                          LOCATION        National

Main Street Radio             National

Farmington Patch              National

WALR-FM                         Atlanta

WMT-AM                          Cedar Rapid-Waterloo

WYYZ-AM                         Atlanta

KFNN-AM                          Phoenix

KKVI-FM/KYBS-FM             Dallas-Ft Worth

WTKS-AM                         Savannah

WFIN-AM                           Toledo

KOGA-AM                           Denver

KLTF-AM                             Minneapolis


WIBC-FM                            Indianapolis

KORE-FM                            Seattle

WAGG-FM                           Birmingham

24-7 NEWS                         National

If you get a chance listen in.  I'd be pleased to learn how you felt about the program.  This is our first effort to reach a national audience in this way and I'm Interested in what you think.