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Schedule A FibroScan Liver Screening Test


FibroScan liver stiffness and fat content tests are being offered for free to patients who have a high risk of liver disease but have never been diagnosed with one and have no symptoms. Patients who suffer from diseases that are related to obesity or lifestyle are most at risk but liver disease can be associated with a wide variety of illnesses and still present no symptoms until the organ is badly damaged.  The goal of the study is to identify patients who are at risk but do not yet have any symptoms or diagnosed disease. The test is also available as a service at a very low cost to anyone who would like to have it done on a private pay basis.

Where can I get this test?

First please choose one of these

I have medical problems but have NEVER been diagnosed with liver disease.



I have been diagnosed WITH liver disease but would like to have the test and will pay a small fee.