Screening calendar

The Foundation sponsors mobile FibroScan screening events.

  • Monday, October 08, 2018 at 01:00 PM through January 06, 2019 · $50.00 USD

    Texas City

    FibroScan liver screening

    If you know you have a fatty liver or a more advanced condition this screening project may be of interest to you.  It is offered for a cost of $50 and you can purchase a test at the bottom of this page. You will then be taken to the scheduling calendar. If you have not visited us before sign on as a new client.

    If you have never been diagnosed with liver disease, but are obese, diabetic, have metabolic syndrome or  other chronic conditions, the cost may be paid for you by a sponsor of our population study of asymptomatic but undiagnosed liver disease. If this describes your situation you can click the link below to indicate your interest and we will see if you qualify for the study.

    Click this link to the Liver Screening Study calendar, click I'm a new Client on that page

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