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  • Rick Green
    commented 2019-08-13 07:58:43 -0600
    18 months ago after being very sick for years I was finally diagnosed with Stage 4 Cirrhosis. The hepatologist gave me 1 to 3 years to live, told me to loose 10% of my body weight (25 lbs), no drinking and maximum of 2 Tylenol a day. I was devastated and in total shock. I asked what I could do to reverse the disease and he said it was not reversible. I drove home and broke the news to my wife. At the time I was medicated for sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, hemorrhoids, heart disease ( one previous heart attack and 3 stents) cataracts in both eyes and unstable angina. I was taking 13 medications a day. My wife reached out to the Liver Foundation and we attended a number of support meetings. We learned everything we could about Liver Disease, NAFLD and how to reduce inflammation in the liver and the body as a whole. Armed with all of the new information I started my new journey. I was so sick I could barely get up or down the stairs in our home. I stopped eating all red meats, processed food of any kind, no pop, no chip, no candy, no fried foods, no fast foods and no eating out of any kind. I began a vigorous physical exercise program and in 6 months I lost 45 lbs and my 2 Nd fibroscan show improvement which the doctor’s said was impossible. A number of hepatologists came into the office and shook my hand and congratulated me for achieving the unachievable. My doctor change d my prognosis to 10 to 12 years. Last week I got the best news ever from my new doctor in Alberta Canada.

    He said with a smile from ear to ear the following" You are just short of a miracle. The Cirrhosis is gone"! He said keep doing what you are doing.

    Did mention that I am now only on one pills
    a day and I have no symptoms of sleep apnea,COPD or diabetes and am 90 lbs lighter that 18 months ago.

    The best news that one could ever receive.
  • Rosemary Wickowski
    published this page 2018-03-07 12:33:26 -0700

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