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The doctor said my husband had weeks to live

A note from a patient who gave me permission to post it here.

I texted you two years ago when the doctor told me, my husband had weeks to live.  You texted me back which really shocked me and so impressed me.  I was able to medically transport via ambulance from Pensacola, Florida to Emory in Atlanta and thankfully my husband is still with me.  We are still fighting and have learned so much.  He is on the Liver and Kidney transplant list but due to YOU he is changing so much and recently his meld score went from 26 to 12! 

Now we have a tumor and things are not looking good due to age.  I get it, there are younger people who deserve to have it rather than a 69 1/2 year old man.  I have just been married to him for 42 years and want at least 20 more!  I write this to thank you and to say I agree with the patients report of not getting enough information 100 percent. Prior to Emory, I met a lot of doctors who were totally idiots including one gastric doctor who didn't recognize ascites! 

I met women in waiting rooms who would give their husband Lactulose in PM and Imodium AD in the AM. I have sent hundreds of people to your site and thank God daily for my husband's extended time with me.  Emergency doctors send liver patients home with pain pills with no follow up.  So Much More Education in this field needs to be implemented to all Doctors.  I have truly been blessed but have seen things that would break your heart.  I didn't know where to turn until I read your article on line.  There is so much stupid stuff out there that can hurt, like taking turmeric in massive doses. 

Families don't know where to turn when diagnosed.  They don't know what info is real.  I had a doctor send us to a dietician who had me spend 800.00 on stuff we didn't need, a doctor who prescribed a 4000.00 a month medication that was way outdated and wrong for three months that insurance would not cover!  When you are watching your husband die you will do anything any medical person tells you to do or anything you read to try and save them.  Thank God for Emory and their doctors who saved his life.  Your organization should be on handouts to every patient who is diagnosed with NASH.  Our country should be working to cure this illness.  I so appreciate you and your family and your determination.  I'm sorry this is so long but Thank you so much