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FLF unveils the third-year launch of “The Steatotic (Fatty) Liver Care in America: Patient Perspectives Research,” a pioneering nationwide initiative that empowers MAFLD/MASH patients to share their experiences and drive ongoing improvements in patient care

April 19, 2024; Boise, IDAHO — In observance of World Liver Day, the Fatty Liver Foundation (FLF) proudly announces the launch of this year’s "The State of Steatotic (Fatty) Liver Care in America: Patient Perspectives Research." This pivotal, nationwide survey comes at a transformative time with the introduction of Rezdiffra™, the first FDA-approved treatment in the U.S. for adults with metabolic dysfunction-associated steatohepatitis (MASH) who have moderate to advanced liver fibrosis, used in conjunction with diet and exercise.

World Liver Day is a pivotal moment to highlight the liver’s critical functions and the global impact of liver diseases, which affect 1.5 billion people and result in 2 million deaths annually. Initially started in India, this day has evolved into a worldwide movement that underscores the urgent need for action against liver diseases.

Wayne Eskridge, Co-Founder and CEO of FLF, who himself lives with cirrhosis due to MASH, reflects on the significance of this day: "World Liver Day emphasizes the necessity of addressing liver health, a crucial but often overlooked area. With new treatments like Rezdiffra™ now available, we have more tools than ever to combat these diseases. This survey is vital to understanding and enhancing patient care and support."

Insights from Last Year's Survey Include:

  • Diagnosis Experience: Primary care continues to be a common entry point for diagnosis, highlighting the need for increased primary care physician education on liver health.
  • Symptoms and Care: Tiredness, abdominal pain, and changes in sleep patterns were the most reported symptoms, underlining the pervasive impact of liver diseases on daily life.
  • Patient Education: A significant number of patients felt they were given insufficient information at diagnosis, stressing the need for better patient education and resources.
  • Specialist Access: Nearly 10% of respondents were previously denied a referral to a specialist, indicating a gap in access to necessary specialized care.
  • Clinical Trials: The vast majority of respondents were not enrolled in clinical trials, pointing to a potential lack of awareness or availability of trial opportunities.

Designed with expert input from hepatology professionals and the patient community, this year’s survey aims to gather detailed, anonymous insights from individuals affected by liver conditions. Available online for easy access, the survey guarantees total confidentiality of all responses, providing invaluable data that is crucial for advancing the diagnosis, treatment, and comprehensive care of liver conditions. 

Henry E. Chang, Executive Director of FLF, states, "The availability of Rezdiffra™ marks a significant milestone in liver health management. Our survey will help gauge how these advances are integrated into patient care and their impact on improving lives."

Neeraj Mistry, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer of FLF, adds, "Understanding patient experiences and outcomes is essential. The insights from our annual survey will inform better care strategies and help in developing interventions that significantly enhance the quality of life for those suffering from liver diseases."

Jenn Jones, Founder and Visionary of Sober Livers, a FLF impact program, notes that World Liver Day coincides with April, also observed as Alcohol Awareness and Donate Life Month in the U.S. She emphasizes, "As alcohol-associated liver diseases dominate transplant lists, and the newly defined metabolic dysfunction and alcohol-associated liver disease (MetALD) emerges as a growing concern, our survey unites voices across steatotic liver diseases."

To participate in the survey, go to:, and for more information on "The State of Steatotic (Fatty) Liver Care in America: Patient Perspectives Research" please visit or contact FLF at [email protected].


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The Fatty Liver Foundation is a non-profit patient organization dedicated to improving the identification, diagnosis, treatment and support of people living with steatotic (fatty) liver disease, metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease (MAFLD) or metabolic dysfunction-associated steatohepatitis (MASH) through awareness, screening, education, and patient outreach. FLF’s goal is to improve the lives of both asymptomatic and diagnosed patients by raising awareness, advancing wellness screening, educating patients, and championing the development of responsive support systems for individuals of the growing epidemic of steatotic (fatty) liver disease. Connect with us on, Facebook (Fatty Liver Foundation JUST LIVER NEWS), X (@LiverSaver), and YouTube (@Fatty Liver Foundation).

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Sober Livers' mission is to empower individuals diagnosed with alcohol-associated liver diseases (ALDs) and those who have had a transplant due to alcohol, by supporting them in discovering and embracing their personalized alcohol recovery journey, while offering guidance through the complexities of managing their liver condition. Connect with us on, Facebook (Sober Livers), X (@SoberLivers), and YouTube (@Sober Livers). 


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