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A miracle through holistic healing

I know my story will sound far fetched. It's something that I don't share with everyone because it's totally away from the mainstream medical thought and treatment protocols, but it is a true story nevertheless and I am a living testimony to what happened.

I was already working in the holistic field as a massage therapist when I was diagnosed with stage 2 liver cirrhosis back in 2004. I was not in the best of health as I gained weight and not really taking care of myself. By chance, a routine blood test had found that I had high levels of iron in my blood. After biopsy and testing, the gastro discovered that  Hep B that caused damage to the liver, which did produce fatty liver from the constant attacks. The prognosis was like all, cannot reverse cirrhosis except delay the inevitable. Doctor prescribed a Hep B suppressor med, blood letting for the high iron, and to be monitored every 6 months for progress of the disease.

Although the prognosis seemed grim. At this time, which was about a year in, I had to make a choice. The doc told me that I would have to take my Hep B meds for life. I reasoned that the meds may be suppressing the hepatitis, but will be filtered out through the liver. So that meant that cirrhosis may become worse or hastened, among other possible side effects. During my career, I read about people miraculously healed of their diseases by the use of herbs, diet, prayer, and meditation, and although I was a believer, never had to put it in practice. Being at a crossroads of delaying the inevitable, I decided to go the holistic route. Someone I followed very closely named Edgar Cayce was instrumental in this journey and followed the advice as best as I could.

I changed my diet to mostly vegetarian slash vegan to decrease the strain in the liver but also provide the neccessary rebuilding nutrients needed, I took herbs that encouraged liver health and elimination of toxins, exercise, I used massage and osteopathy to help the bodies circulation, and lots of prayer and meditation.

What happened? The first year I decided to take the meds and did not apply it just yet. I reasoned that I needed the speed of medical treatments to get me out of the woods first before going down this path. After 1 year I went on it and didn't tell my doc I stopped taking the meds. He found out a year and a half later. He said, "Oh, looks like the drugs are working, Hep B numbers are good". To which I said "Doc, I stopped taking the meds a year and a half ago", to which he said "Oh, I guess you didn't need them". Fast forward to 2016 when doc decided to order a fibroscan as it has been awhile. During the followup he went over the bloods and it still showed minimal activity of Hep B and mild fatty liver, however, something else shocked him. The results from the fibroscan showed a normal liver! No sign of cirrhosis whatsoever. This shocked him and the only thing he could say was "I thought you would be in stage 3 by now!"

I know this all sounds like fantasy but I do swear it is a true story. I had to walk this alone and it was hard. No support group and the fear of going away from conventional medical thinking. Also, there was a fear of me dying. But it is my life, and these things are what made sense to me. But I came out on the other side and am a living medical anomaly.I can only thank God for that. May God Bless you on your journey.

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