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501(c)(3) status approved

A major step for any organization wishing to do charitable or educational work is to be tax exempt.  I'm very pleased to report that we just received our official IRS notice that we are qualified under the 501(c)(3) rules as a tax exempt organization. Any donations you have made to us this year will be fully deductible on your taxes and we thank you very much for the support.

We are working hard to build out our website and I thought it might interest you that we have published a fairly full discussion of olive oil and why it is important bio-chemically as a source of dietary fat. I've included a link below in case you are interested.


Thanks again for your support.  Follow us on Twitter @liversaver and liversaver on facebook.  Being tax exempt will help us in our efforts to support the 100 million Americans who suffer from fatty liver disease and the many millions who will progress to cirrhosis and various metabolic diseases. If you have friends who might benefit from our efforts please suggest they take a look at our information.

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