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Pig parts for transplant. A brave new world?

Genetically modified pig organs are being used in early research at an increasing rate.  The goal is to meet the need for organs to serve the 100,000+ people on transplant waiting lists.  The organ shortage is large with 17 people a day dying for the lack of a transplantable organ.

Here is a link to an NPR story about the second person transplanted with an engineered pig kidney

A woman with failing kidneys receives genetically modified pig organs

I've written about this in the blog before, but if you missed that here is a link to that earlier discussion. It has more information about the tremendous challenge the researchers are faced with to eliminate rejection and disease carrying potential from pig tissue.

Pig Livers may be in the future of transplant choices

The vision I see with this research, and I believe it will be successful, is truly personalized medicine.  We will see a time when a pig organ can be genetically modified to fit the patient's genetic profile. This will both solve the availability problem and largely eliminate rejection. It is a difficult technical challenge but an example of the amazing progress being made in medicine today.

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If you prefer, this is a link to Spanish Verson

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