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Afraid of the COVID Vaccine? No No, You need this information

I keep hearing from people who have decided not to get vaccinated or who are fearful of the vaccine and don't know what to do.

I don't know if I can express how sad that makes me for those people and their families or how profoundly angry I am at people who promote fear about the vaccine without evidence.


Let me be very clear. I do have an axe to grind here. I am part of the highest risk pool. I do have cirrhosis. I am older, I'm 78. If I am infected my odds of dying are near 90%. I am also a science nerd. I understand the research. I have made it my business to be very clear about my personal risk and through the Foundation I try to pass along what I have learned.

Do not fear this vaccine. Do NOT delay getting vaccinated. Do not pay attention to the merchants of fear who I think should go to jail for manslaughter.

OK, ranting is over for now. As part of our effort to educate people we are having a webinar next Wednesday to talk about the real details of the risk. We haven't invited the talking wise men that you often see. On our panel are two of the scientists who have been involved at the heart of the research and the foundational epidemiological studies that are the real science that we rely on. We invite you to attend if you are interested but I beg you to register if you are unsure about whether you should get the vaccine. You need to understand these risks.

Click on the link above to accessing the recording of the webinar.


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