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Announcing the NAFLD Screening Fund on NASDAQ


This is just an update. Almost no one actually watches these little closing bell ceremonies but they are a nice part of our historical record. It was interesting to be mentioned on the big screen on Times Square for a half an hour. Here is a link to the event announcing the NAFLD Screening Fund.

We invite you to join us in this campaign. It is simply wrong that millions of people have dangerous advancing liver disease and have no idea that they do.

Remember this chart. It is the rate of change of the death rate for various categories of disease. The death rate for everything but liver disease has improved since 1970 but the rate of liver death has exploded. We can't just ignore this until it has broken the medical system and caused vast human suffering.  We can't have everyone saying "Not My Job Man" just because it is such a big problem.


For patients, we need your voice and your money if you can spare it. For industry and government shame on you if you don't step forward to be an active part of solving this. We are building private/public partnerships to focus on solving problems at the community level.

If you would like to join us in this effort here is a link to more information.  This is not the slick promotion we see so often in health care.  This is a patient led effort to attack the problems where we live.  If trying to make a difference is what you care about join us.  If thinking and planning and writing 5 year plans is your thing this probably isn't for you.

Click the logo if you would like to get more information. You will find background there.  The actual data management website is under development but will start to deploy in coming weeks.