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ARGH not another webinar, too many I know but this may help you

I remember Google before it became mostly an advertising farm.  To be able to get to information easily was magic. Today no matter where you go it is a parade of ads and cleverly designed hustles. Like search, now that video is so easy to do, the webinar world has exploded with ads. Since we don't sell anything and our only interest is having you not die of liver disease, getting past all the noise so that you might consider joining us is a real challenge.

Our upcoming webinar is Wednesday the 28th at 12:00 EST. If you are a patient or care about what patients have to say you should register. This isn't about disease, these are people who prosper. This is about succeeding in the face of a very difficult diagnosis. It is about life, and joy, and embracing the future in spite of serious disease. You should want to be a part of this if you face chronic disease yourself or care about someone else who does. Click the image to register.

When you register there is a field where you can ask us a question. Please do that. We aren't doctors but we do know a lot about this journey.  We will answer what we have time for during the webinar but I promise we will respond to all of your questions. We are all passengers on the same train and supporting each other along the way is so important.

Seriously, if you are a patient, know a patient, or care about what patients think, join us for a round table discussion of life on the liver road with this inspirational cast of characters.