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Would an exploding death rate concern you

Analysts track changes in how frequently various diseases kill people.  They call it the standard death rate and they calculate it as a percentage change.  It tells us how our health is changing and how quickly we are being killed by different medical conditions.


The dashed line is liver disease.  If health concerns you at all you may be shocked as I was when I saw this data. Note this is British data but the US problem is probably worse, we just don't have the national data to make this analysis.

Make no mistake. This is like being stalled on a railroad track with a train bearing down on you.  Will you or someone you love  die too soon or will it be someone you know? No way to say yet but unless you are willfully blind to the evidence it is clear that we face a generational crisis, but do you care?


Part of dealing with liver disease is to understand it.  There is a lot of information here.  It is important to understand liver disease if you are going to deal with it.  In order to provide you with a solid understanding, we are working with Armando Hasudungan. Armando produces superb short videos to explain complex medical subjects.  We use them throughout the site to help you understand your body and specifically your liver.  The first video gives you a view of the liver overall and the following ones focus on details.

So what is cirrhosis that is the one that scares me.

OK, but how does Cirrhosis happen?

Wow, so how does what I eat cause me problems?

I suppose the next question is what are the signs and symptoms and management of liver disease.

Darn, so how bad can it be really?

Causes part 1

Causes part 2

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