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Hepatic Encephalophathy patient stories a tragedy

We recommend you watch this excellent documentary from the American liver Foundation by Cynthia Wade

This is a quote from their description.  If you want to understand this side effect of liver cirrhosis this is a good reference.

 Each year, hundreds of thousands of cirrhotic patients are affected by hepatic encephalopathy. In addition to the toll the condition takes on these patients, it impacts their family and friends, who are burdened with a disease that affects many aspects of their lives. Despite the seriousness of the condition, many patients are not receiving the treatment and support they need. This film was created to tell the stories of a patient population that is often without the advocates and support it so desperately needs. Director Cynthia Wade focuses on telling stories that might otherwise not be heard.

WRESTLING THE  MONSTER: LIVING WITH HEPATIC ENCEPHALOPATHY  follows 4 patients suffering from hepatic encephalopathy. A matriarch and military veteran in northern California now finds herself housebound. In New Jersey, a beloved wife and mother saved by a transplant still struggles with lasting effects. A father in rural Oklahoma flounders with a condition he can’t comprehend. And a formerly high-functioning mother in Florida finds herself isolated and a shell of who she once was.

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