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I wonder how people become cruel

I have had a very rough time dealing with my liver disease. I feel sick taking my medications and I still feel sick not taking my medications. I’m on all the standard liver treatments and medications. I also have panic attacks and I am suffering again from depression. I get medical care regularly and will continue with therapy and psych medications to help me cope with this horrendous liver disease process. I have been living in the ER and cancer center for my blood, and doctors appoints. But the worst thing that has happened to me was at a recent graduation party, a family member, commented while others were asking me how I was doing, "well you did it to yourself".  “I don't feel sorry for you and many more people feel like me". To those who are suffering from Stage 4 decompensated liver disease either caused by NASH or alcoholism this seems to be the attitude of many people. Most people don't comment. But she did. I have NASH..... yes I have been overweight for most of my life. Infancy, toddler, childhood, my 20, 30, 40, etc. So yes, I did it myself. But, I researched and only 25% of the worlds overweight people get NASH. So there has to be other mechanisms here going on. I have been a diabetic since childhood, but the testing standards were different then. I am heartbroken.